Subsurface solutions

Never settle for less than the full potential of your subsurface reservoir data;

Alway start with keeping the risk in mind

GeoInterpol is an independent start-up in the energy industry. We are a geoscience consultancy company based in the Netherlands with the know-how to provide evaluation and safety analyses in the exploitation of subsurface reservoirs.


Our consultants have a solid track record and experience in diverse fields including geothermal, oil and gas, waste water disposal and carbon disposal. We provide cost-efficent solutions for operators as well as for governmental agencies and will mitigate your geophysical risk by providing in-depth information and advice on your project.


Seismic hazard and risk analysis, including induced seismicity;

Passive seismic data processing & interpretation for underground exploration;

Special resources


We will interpret the raw data and give your engineers and operators the information they need to work effectively and safely. We are flexible and can provide tailor-made solutions for your requirements. GeoInterpol favours lean management with no intermediaries in order to provide you with reliable, cost-effective service.


Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Do you have any questions? Contact us on we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


About us

Unconventional formation evaluation using surface logging data.